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About The Children

Here are just a few brief case histories of some of the disadvantaged children of whom the Divine Day Care has assisted. Many of the Divine Day Care children require special needs as they come from poor backgrounds, are stigmatized due to their physical or mental conditions or simply abandoned as lost causes by their parents. The Divine Day Care children are provided with love, care, education and welfare without question.

Christopher and Jedidiah

Divine Day Care Children Christopher and Jedidiah
We would just like to pay a special thanks to Christopher and Jedidiah as being the pioneers of the Divine Day Care children as they were the first two pupils back in 2013 when the project began. They have grown, graduated and become shining examples of the work carried out and a credit to to the Divine Day Care Nursery and Junior School.

Our mission: We passionately seek to equip children with quality, excellent and adequate education and offer them tender loving care.

Our vision: To raise academically competent children, highly skilled and excelling in all aspects of life.

Our motto: Determined to excel.


Divine Day Care Children Andrew
When Andrew was 4 years old he could neither crawl nor stand. He could hear a little but could not speak. He weighed 26 kgs. He has a condition called hydrocephalus (abnormal accumulation of fluid in the brain).

Andrew’s mother had stopped working because she had nowhere to leave him. She went to various daycare centres but could not afford their costs. She finally found out about Divine. Andrew got a home away from home and the mother started working again. He can now afford a smile, is able to clap his hands and dance a little. We work together with the Cure Hospital in Mbale to handle his medical condition.

Before Divine moved, Andrew used to live near the school, sadly his mother is no longer able to carry him daily to the new premises and efforts are being made to work out a solution to solve his transportation issues.


Divine Day Care Children Richard
At the age of 2 years and six months Richard was referred in October 2013 by Compassion International (NGO) who knew about the Diovine services. His mother was psychotic and not able to take good care of him and as a result Richard became so malnourished and almost at death point. When he arrived at Divine, Richard could neither walk nor stand unsupported and could not speak. He was full of septic sores, was anaemic and miserable, weighing just 9 kgs.

He stayed at Divine under close watch, monitoring and care until he was rehabilitated. Then he was handed back to the NGO that in turn took him back to the mother who had also been treated and improved. After one year, the mother defaulted on drugs, could not take good care of Richard, so he became malnourished again. The social worker at Compassion International called Divine and asked if Richard could return, where he resides permanently. He is now happy and full of life.

Favour Christine

Divine Day Care Children Favour Christine
When Deborah Gita went to Favour's home to take a flyer offering parents her Divine Day Care services she found Favour's mother seated outside and Favour was in the house. The mother told Deborah that she did not have any children but by the look on her face , Deborah suspected that she was lying and so continued to ask her some questions when eventually Favour's mother opened up. She brought out the girl and showed her to Deborah whilst saying “I am sure you will not accept her”.

She told Deborah that she had been to countless schools for over one year trying to get a place for Favour but in vain. The schools would not admit her because of her physical disability, those who were willing asked for too much money which she simply could not afford. When Deborah saw the girl she really felt sorry for her and told her to come to the Divine school the following day where she was not only given a place but all the support and assistance she so vitally required. Favour soon fitted in and has been enjoying school ever since.

Gift Kasule

Divine Day Care Children Gift
Gift is a special child, she was born a premature baby at 6 months. As a result she was born with a lung problem. She is always in and out of hospital. Gift’s parents were hesitant to take her to school as they thought she would not make it because of her condition. In the year 2014 , she was referred to the Divine Day Care by a neighbour who knew that Deborah was a nurse.

Gift was so weak that she could not walk from her home to school. Divine accepted her but had no car so Deborah used to carry Gift on her back to and from school. The school had only seven children at that time so it was easy. Gift has so far seen tremendous improvement and is coping with studies, and playing normally like any other child.


Divine Day Care Children Leticia
Leticia’s parents were wondering why she was made to repeat the same Primary One class for the third time at her former school because she could not get the pass mark to the next level. In 2016 Leticia joined Divine after being referred by a neighbour. It was decided to put her in Primary Two and try to find out what her problem could be. She was active and seemed to be normal without any suggestion of retardation. After a few weeks of observation it was clear that she was finding it difficult to copy or read from the board and she had been always been given a front seat in class for close monitoring.

Through simple experimentation, Leticia was then seated at the back of the class and after only a few days it was evident that she could read perfectly well. Her performance improved tremendously and she became the best in her class. She has not yet visited the eye specialist because of the lack of funds but she is high priority when money becomes available. Leticia's education was stunted purely because she is long sighted.

Ethan and Ian

Divine Day Care Children Ian and Ethan
Both Ethan and Ian are both HIV positive. They were not going to school because of stigma and the lack of school fees so Divine offered them a place. Ethan is also epleptic but due to the help and support at Divine he is now more stable with fewer convulsions / fits.

Some of Deborah's former clients from her time spent at Mildmay also enrolled their HIV positive children at Divine because they trusted that she would monitor their pill taking whilst at school. Some of the parents told Deborah that their children were stigmatized in their former schools because the teachers did not have enough knowledge about HIV care.

Charity, Lydia and Christopher

Divine Day Care Children Charity Lydia and Christopher
At the age of only 10 years old Charity headed up the family taking care of both Lydia and Christopher. They lost their father to HIV/AIDS. Charity heads up the family because their mother works in another home as a permanent nanny and she earns such little money that she cannot afford to take care of her children, let alone pay school fees. Charity and Lydia are also HIV positive, and Christopher and Lydia attend Divine Day Care school. Their story is not one that is uncommon and Divine would love nothing more than to offer more assistance as well as taking on more children from similar backgrounds and circumstances.

Child with Chronic Otitis Media

Divine Day Care Children Chronic Otitis
Divine received this child with a chronic condition. He had severe offensive pus discharge from both ears. The mother learned that Deborah was a nurse so she brought the child to Divine. Deborah had to sensitized her staff informing and educating them about this boy's condition because at first they were not comfortable dealing with him due to the discharge from his ears.

Since he always had cotton wool in his ears, naturally he couldn't hear very well unless one shouted to him. This affected his performance on many levels and of course his social interaction. The slow long process of daily ear wicking and cleansing at school started and he was also referred to hospital for further treatment and regular monitoring. He has improved immensely though not yet completely cured.

More Divine Children

These are only a few examples of some of the special needs children catered for by Divine Day Care. There are so many other children with varying degrees of disadvantages and illnesses such as Abinism, Sickle Cell, Handicapped, Malnutrition, abandonment and more. Some pupils are permanent residents at Divine and there is a special baby care section. Every aspect of Divine's services at this facility is essential and vital for all of it's children past, present and future. It truly serves and proves to be life changing for so many young children who deserve the same opportunities as any other.

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